Boost Your Energy & Say Goodbye to Fatigue Forever

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Experiencing optimal energy levels is absolutely vital for living a fulfilling life. For those experiencing fatigue, we want to emphasise that energy isn't just about feeling awake; it's the driving force that enables us to engage with loved ones, have the stamina to overcome challenges and the vitality that allows us to be our best selves. So, to anyone feeling flat, exhausted or downright fatigued, know that your well-being matters, and seeking ways to boost your energy can lead to a more vibrant and enriching life.

Here's How Long-lasting Energy ACTUALLY Works

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Unlike stimulants (coffee, snacks and energy drinks) that provide us with temporary energy, the process for making healthy red blood cells is the key for 'foundational'energy. Red blood cells are like tiny oxygen delivery trucks, and they play a crucial role in keeping you healthy and full of energy, here's how it works:

  1. Bone Marrow: Red blood cells are made in your bone marrow which contain special building blocks called 'stem cells' that are the starting point for making red blood cells.
  2. Vitamins and Minerals: Are the raw materials for this process... Vitamin A helps the stem cells grow into young red blood cells. B-vitamins are essential to build red blood cells correctly. Iron is like the treasure that gets packed into these red blood cells which helps the red blood cells carry oxygen.
  3. Growing Up: These young red blood cells need some time to grow up and become fully functional red blood cells. During this time, they get packed with hemoglobin (a special protein), which is like the cargo these trucks carry. Hemoglobin helps red blood cells pick up oxygen and deliver it where it's needed.
  4. Out into the Blood: Once these young red blood cells are all grown up and ready, they're sent out into your bloodstream. They travel through your blood, dropping off oxygen wherever it's needed.
  5. Lifespan: Red blood cells are hard workers, but they don't last forever. After about 120 days, old or damaged ones are removed from your bloodstream. That's why your body is always making new ones and consistently having enough vitamins and minerals is so important.

So, your body really is an energy factory that starts in your bones that creates red blood cells, those amazing oxygen delivery trucks. Vitamin A, B-vitamins, and minerals like iron are like the superstar team in this factory, making sure everything works smoothly and efficiently. It's a team effort that keeps you healthy, full of energy, and ready for action!

IMPORTANT: Without adequate levels of bioavailable Vitamin A, B-Vitamins and Iron your body will not create optimal red blood cells which will contribute to tiredness and fatigue.

How Can Beef Liver & Organs Support Energy Production?

Many people assume that beef organs are simply a good source of iron which in turn helps to fight fatigue. Given what we now know about the processes involved in energy production and the nutrients required to support them, the picture starts to become clearer.

Beef liver and organs are particularly rich in vitamin A and B-vitamins, and are also rich in minerals, including iron, magnesium and zinc. These are the building blocks required to support healthy red blood cells. They also come packed as nature intended in a whole food animal-based source that are generally more bioavailable than plant-based or synthetic supplements.

What if You Want More Energy But Don't Like Eating Beef Liver & Organs?

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As you can see from the information above, adding beef liver and organ meats into your diet makes a lot of nutritional sense. If you’re still not comfortable with the idea of buying and preparing organ meats you're not alone. Fortunately there is an easy solution...

Our beef liver and beef organ supplements are contained in easy-to-take flavourless capsules. They are non-defatted to preserve the fat-soluble nutrient content (including vitamin A) and are freeze-dried, which also helps preserve the full range of nutrients. They are 100% hormone, antibiotic and GMO-free and are 100% grass-fed and organic from the pristine Tasmanian pastures.


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