The Primal Code

Ancestral Nutrition Primal Code

We are a small Australian owned and operated company with a very big mission… We’re dedicated to helping our customers live their best lives. Lives full of vitality, strength, resilience and happiness. Everyone deserves the chance to live this way and we believe that animal-based nose-to-tail nutrition is just one of the pillars required to take you there. With this in mind we’ve created the Primal Code, a set of instructions - a map if you will - that outlines the areas to navigate, the pitfalls to avoid and the route required to live your best life.

The journey starts like this…


We wouldn’t be called Ancestral Nutrition if we didn’t believe that there are lessons to be learned from our forefathers. Granted it wasn’t all a bed of roses as our ancestors were subject to a very different set of stressors than we face today. Although our stress hormones are still triggered in the same way, irrespective of whether we’re reading a troublesome email or being chased by a woolly mammoth. Nutrition can be a complex beast with conflicting information coming from all sides so we’ve simplified our recommendations into the points below:

  • Embrace whole foods over ultra-processed options
  • Reduce processed carbohydrates
  • Add nose-to-tail animal meat to your meals
  • Enjoy grass-fed organs (or desiccated supplements)
  • Replace vegetable oils with natural fats
  • Eliminate processed sugar
  • Favour fat and protein over carbohydrates


At one stage of our evolutionary timeline we were once strong, lean, healthy and fit. The rise of modern-day agriculture combined with a shift to desk-based employment provided us with an abundance of energy-dense processed foods at a time where we are moving less. We've swapped daily movement and activity for gym passes with a focus on vanity and lost our connection with the earth. Use the points below as a starting guide, as what you do with your body is just as important as what you put into it:

  • Plan movement into your daily routine
  • Lift heavy things slowly
  • Add short, intense interval sessions
  • Break unhealthy patterns of movement
    (Crawl, jump, climb, pull and push)
  • Exercise barefoot in nature where possible
  • Embrace recovery and enjoy rest


The modern day human is largely overfed, undernourished, sleep deprived and tired and wired. Technology has created a world where we struggle to disconnect which leaves us in a constant state of fight-or-flight. Flooding our bodies with 24/7 stress hormones can create a state of dis-ease which leads us away from our goal of sustaining a vibrant, energetic and happy life. The points below will assist you to find balance in this area: 

  • Enjoy quiet time, meditation or breath work
  • Set fixed times to unplug from technology
  • Enjoy the mental challenge of hot and cold (sauna and ice)
  • Spend more time in and around nature
  • Trade screen time for quality time with others
  • Make time and connect with family and friends
  • Do more of what you love


Out of all of the pillars above, sleep trumps just about everything as lack of 'quality' sleep can affect our health more than just about anything else. It's that magical time when our body and brain engage the processes required to recover, rebuild and restore. So if sleep is so important, why do so many of us suffer from poor sleep quality? We're living at a time when the trappings of modern-day life directly compete with our very own biology. If you want to reclaim your health, start with improving sleep quality using the points below:

  • Get early morning sun exposure
  • Ensure your bedroom is cool and dark (really dark)
  • Limit blue light from devices and/or lighting in the evening
  • Exercise earlier in the day to limit stress hormones
  • Finish your evening meal at least 3 hours before bedtime
  • Unplug devices and technology at night (Wi-Fi too) 

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